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La vie en rose

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This is, like I’ve said, scary to write about something uncertain. But I guess I just can’t help it. Now I just need to pray silently none of my friends read this.



So we’re gonna talk about Mr. Swept me off my feet?

He is not, let me repeat, not handsome, at all. He isn’t coming from a well-off family either, you may not know but I am kind of a materialistic girl who usually fall for boys in cars. Compared to the best friend, or my other crushes, he is like nothing. But these facts are what drawn me closer to him, if he isn’t handsome, why the hell I like him? How the hell did he make me fall for him without cars or any other bling-blings?

He and I, we are two different people from two very different worlds.

I spent my first (at least) 13 years moving from one big city to another in Indonesia, I never really have childhood friends, my favorite toy had always been the computer and anything technology related.

He? He spent his entire childhood in his little town with his friends, playing kite and feeding cows. His email password is the last thing he would want to remember.

Growing up, I learnt, which later become a habit, to go to malls, beauty salon and some other places where I can spend my money on, and most of all, I am one who keeps my image good. I play nice to everyone, I was taught to and I found nothing wrong with that. I grew up with manners, things like barf, fart and even yawn aren’t supposed to do in public, not even to talk about it.

He, however, is a wild one. He’s an adventurer who had gone visiting one forest to another, discovering some more new caves or beaches, and play hide-and-seek with lions, or some other beasts. When he has nothing to do, he will go rafting. He farts everywhere, and do things as he wants. He rarely take a bath and when he does it will take forever.

See how worlds apart we are?

But I guess what they said is right, opposites attract.

p.s. rereading this, I suddenly realized how short this is. Guess I’m all too smitten to even write more ♥


Growing Up

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I just got myself a new haircut yesterday and took a picture of it using my webcam, and so when I opened the folder, I found the pictures of me these last three years. I couldn’t believe those pictures were taken in three years gap. I am changing, but not really. lol.


Do you see me changing from time to time?

I remember one day my friend came to my house and saw my baby albums, and she said, “how come your face never changes from baby up to now?” lol. She was of course hype things up, I mean, that’s not possible, right? lol.

Anyway, notice that in the pictures my hair is always short? This year I started off aiming to have at least a slightly longer hair, just because I want to know how do I look, and this is the latest picture of me with my hair and new bangs :P


Not bad, I hope. Heheh.

And by the way, growing up isn’t about facial change, right?

This is kind of different and scary to type about but I think I’ve found a… someone new? Well or so I hope.

Why scary to write you ask? Oh isn’t it always scary? Writing about someone you like/love/whatever, admit it, you want them to read it but you’re also afraid if they do really read it, lol.

Anyways, yes. I have found a new object of my affection. The last time I went out with the best friend, all feelings were different. It was still enjoyable and fun, and my heart, oh my dear heart still went boom boom when I saw him from afar, but there was a huge difference I felt I couldn’t fathom what.

And that time, I was sure we were back to be best friends.

The new guy? He had successfully swept me off my feet. Crazy… but ah, whenever I’m in love I’m always crazy, so… ah well… this one is just different.

And I think I’ll just talk about him in the next next next post.

What Happy Life is

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My definition of happy life?

1. Straight when I came back from the village, it was the best friend who picked me up.

2. Having a good quality time with him, we went straight to a mall even with my messy make-up, hungry face and (almost) inappropriate outfit.

3. Japanese food with him, and frozen yoghurt after that.

4. Him being not whiny like he usually is-at all, bet he missed me. I was gone for a month after all :P

5. He was nice actually, and did some gentleman gestures like carrying my luggage around the mall, instead of letting me did it. Heh-heh. (Yes, I just couldn’t wait a second to even take a break before going to the mall, I missed it too much! LOL. or more likely, missed him?)

6. Blogging, showing off the goodies I experienced in the village here :P

7. Had a good sleep, under my thick thick bedcover and kicked it in the middle of the night and pulled it back when morning comes.

8. Ramen, vodka and Pringles with my friends the day after.

9. Planning to go for a Karaoke with them soon.

10. Realizing that there’s no hidden feeling whatsoever anymore between me and the best friend and that it’s time to find someone new-and thinking that I’ve actually found one.


Those are my series of happy life list. Care to show me yours? :)

It was a month full of: BEACH!

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I’m BACK! Officially. Haha :D

And I’ll use this first chance to make you all envy me of what I have experienced, or rather, where I have lived when I was away.

If you follow my twitter, you would’ve known that I’ve been going to so many beaches while I was there, yes, in between busy times of teaching kids and cooking with the mothers and all, we still made time to have some more fun, haha.

So we found this beach, which was soooo quiet, with nobody around. Literally it was only me and my friends there, it was like a private, super private beach! And it’s so tranquil with white sands and all, almost like ones you can find in Bali, only smaller and more private. I’m not lying here! It even has little temples around!

Ah, shall not bluff and just proof it to you, right?

WARNING: may cause eternal jealousy :P


I can see you’re green already :P


Yep, like I’ve told you, nobody was there.


The blue-ness is almost like… magic!


Sunset pic, I love the gold-ish sky reflected to the sea make it gold too.


See me? Yep, playing there. Splashing water


Having more fun with the girls


What is it? Mermaid community? LOL.

P1070513My favorite picture, the clouds looks like cotton candies, huge ones :D

And to answer some of your questions, my birthday will be a month from now. Yep, 16th March :D and I planned to hold a beach party in this private beach, geez, it’s supposed to be a surprise but I can’t help to spoil you. Oh wells. Want to join my party? :p

I’m here, alive and well

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I’ll be able to blog normally in a few days time, yay! :D

i still don’t know when will i come back, but it’ll be around the weekend. Haha, you guys should prepare a homecoming party for me, lol.

This morning I woke up with a realization that none of my goals have I achieved. I planned to get graduated this february, but what’s happening? Damnit, I’m stuck. But no worries, I’m determined. So you don’t need to worry about me in this part, hehe.

I have lots of things to do in my list, like finishing the thesis and celebrating my birthday next month. Hoho! Prepare your gifts girls! Lol.

What else to say? Haha, i just miss you all too much i can’t help but blog :p