Little Tiara

It was a month full of: BEACH!

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on February 16, 2010
I’m BACK! Officially. Haha :D

And I’ll use this first chance to make you all envy me of what I have experienced, or rather, where I have lived when I was away.

If you follow my twitter, you would’ve known that I’ve been going to so many beaches while I was there, yes, in between busy times of teaching kids and cooking with the mothers and all, we still made time to have some more fun, haha.

So we found this beach, which was soooo quiet, with nobody around. Literally it was only me and my friends there, it was like a private, super private beach! And it’s so tranquil with white sands and all, almost like ones you can find in Bali, only smaller and more private. I’m not lying here! It even has little temples around!

Ah, shall not bluff and just proof it to you, right?

WARNING: may cause eternal jealousy :P


I can see you’re green already :P


Yep, like I’ve told you, nobody was there.


The blue-ness is almost like… magic!


Sunset pic, I love the gold-ish sky reflected to the sea make it gold too.


See me? Yep, playing there. Splashing water


Having more fun with the girls


What is it? Mermaid community? LOL.

P1070513My favorite picture, the clouds looks like cotton candies, huge ones :D

And to answer some of your questions, my birthday will be a month from now. Yep, 16th March :D and I planned to hold a beach party in this private beach, geez, it’s supposed to be a surprise but I can’t help to spoil you. Oh wells. Want to join my party? :p


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