Little Tiara

Posted in moments in life by littletiara on March 10, 2010

Lots of things happen these days.

1. If you follow me on twitter, you’d know that few days ago i’ve been contemplating on which to buy, a printer+scanner or a new cellphone. Last sunday my dad came home with printer in hand (not literally, of course, lol) i jumped like crazy because i know that’s what i need the most, compared to a new phone. But then on monday, dad called me, guess what he said? He told me he couldn’t find the phone i’ve been wanting. I was shocked, i didn’t know he was looking for it! ‘s okay dad, I love you muchies already knowing how you can read my mind and find what i want.

Dad has this kind of power, really. Whenever i think of something i suddenly crave for, he’ll bring that thing home, i don’t even need to tell him. Lovely.

2. My brother, who is now currently out of town (not abroad anymore) disappeared and scared the hell out of me and my parents, we couldn’t contact him for days and i never met him online anymore. For someone as addicted to computer as him, that’s abnormal.

So my mom sent someone to check him, in his boarding house. When they met him, he was all okay, he’s just having a too busy life where he has to make some physics-olympiade questions and all those genius blah blah he didn’t even bother to recharge his phone. Damn little guy.

3. The weather is so unexpected lately, and there were heavy rain, strong wind and blizzard yesterday, and guess what? My modem, it’s dead, struck by the lightning I guess. That explains this picture-less post. Yes, I’m using my phone again. *sigh*


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