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I’m ready, are you?

Posted in creaking creativity, giveaway, moments in life by littletiara on January 9, 2010

I’m so happy and relieved that you guys/girls like my artwork, honestly, this is my first time doing something like this, I mean, showing it off and then giving it away, and plan to sell it, sure I’ve joined like heaps of drawing competition but that was all, and not to mention that happened long long time ago, I already forgot how good it feels like when someone actually appreciates what you make. :)

And apparently tonight I found out that I’m not really meant to be with scissors, and lines, and some sort of those things, lol. however I’m pretty proud of what I’ve made :)

Fourteen (including covers) A6 sized artwork printed in a thick 260 gr ivory paper, each has different paintings on it, all handmade with the help of wacom bamboo, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop and Corel Painter.

I guess you noticed that I changed the design a little, the previous is just too messy, I guess. More so, I’ve always loved dash line, hehe…

Looking at them several times, I got an idea to make it an agenda instead of solely a calendar by putting some blank paper in between the months , what do you think about it? It’ll be more useful, I think.

And this experience also give me more ideas of what I possibly make next, maybe I should start make my artwork a postcard, that’ll be cute to send a friend with my very own personalized postcard, haha :D

Or maybe I should make some of them a downloadable wallpaper? I mean, for free of course! Guess it’s my narcissist side talking, wouldn’t it feel good to know lots of people use your artwork as their desktop background? I bet it almost feels like a singer hearing their own song on the radio.

I have heaps of creative idea running in my little head, and I can smell the dollars already (lol, what a materialistic girl…)

So I’m ready!

What am I ready for? Well, to announce the winner of my giveaway of course! :D

Anyone here getting thrilled? Heheh… Drum roll, please?

Dun Dun Dun… and the winner is…

Mariella of A girl like moi!

Congratulation girl!

I hope I can give every one of you a prize but I know that’s not possible, yet. Just wait, hold on a little longer and later I’ll do it, really. :)

So don’t feel bad for those who doesn’t win, alright? There’ll be next time in the future, I am sure of it :)

ps. My mom woke me up this morning with the “insult of the year”, guess what she said? “Look at you, always sleep, wake up late and when you’re awake you never do anything or create something useful,”

It’s not my fault she’s sleeping while I’m actually create something until 3 AM, and she woke me up at 6?.


Lol. this is stupid, I forgot to ask Mariella to send me her address to my email, gah. lol.


Happy Occasions

Posted in creaking creativity, giveaway, moments in life by littletiara on January 2, 2010
Welcome 2010 and happy birthday my dear littletiara blog! ;D

So I managed to get out of the bed and went to the most crowded place in Yogyakarta yesterday to celebrate the coming of this New year. Malioboro street that is. I believe it’s one of my most favorite spot in the city, too much memorable occasions happened there ;)

So here are some pictures from yesterday:

In other news, not lacking the happiness…

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the first time I posted something here, and believe it or not, ever since I started it, I’ve already stated how much of a daydreamer and romance sucker I am…

… Although there are lot of ways, I still can’t quite figure out about what kind of proposal would melt my heart, maybe because any kind of it would. Whether it is the super romantic one, with bunch of red roses and a ring, and him kneeling in front of me, or the childish one, when we play at the fun park in one of our dates and he out of the blue buys me an ice cream with a ring in it (I hope he wouldn’t use this one, other than quite usual, there is like hundred possibilities that i will just eat that ring up! Later on I would have to get a surgery because of it…)


Through blogging I found joy, friends, many of them, supports, shoulders to cry on, a place where I can rant as I wish, a place where I can be who I truly am.

So to celebrate this little escaping corner, I’ll have my very first own little giveaway (say YAY, please?). As you al may have noticed, I’ve been busying myself digging my creative side lately, and here’s the very first artwork I proudly give to you away, drumroll please?:

a 2010 calendar a la little tiara
(well, sorry that it’s not some Mac lisptick or Gucci handbag or anything that expensive, I don’t even know how much this thing worth, yet…)

I don’t know how to write a specification here but basically it’s a 2010 calendar, consists of 12 printed images, the date and artworks are all handmade (well… Wacom bamboo – made), made with heart and love, fully. (lol)

ah, sorry I haven’t taken the pictures of it being printed out, once it done I will sure blog about it :)

How to join?

Easy-peasy, you don’t even have to be a follower, but if you do find my little blog worth following then it’s my pleasure to have some more new friends :)

1. Leave a comment in the comment section below, give me one question about anything (be it about me, my trivial matters, my artwork, my life, or just some random questions, it’s really up to you)

2. Have FUN! That’s crucial, so please do have a lot of it ;)

3. Well that’s all.

One (lucky, I hope) winner will be announced by 9th January 2010, which means a week from now ;)

I really hope you all will join, it’s more like giving myself a self-assure as an artist with her artworks than giving the calendar away. So Go-Go-Go! Help me by joining the giveaway! :)

ps: And I love questions, makes me feel like I’m a celeb being interviewed, lmfao, what the hell…

all pictures credit to ronest

half giveaway. Win UGG Boots!

Posted in giveaway by littletiara on September 5, 2009

So, Alicia from Whooga Ugg Boots, offered me something.

What? Oh, what is that something?


She asked me if I could help her promote her giveaway, and I said of course! so guys, can you too help me doing it? It’ll give you a lot of fun thing, I’ll tell you how and why.

Why fun:

By doing this, you’ll automatically be entered for the draw to get a pair of this lovely ugg boots. The free ugg boots competition draw is done every month, and if you leave the badge on after the draw you will automatically be entered into the next monthly draw as long as the competition continues.

How fun and easy is that? So if you don’t win this month, just keep putting the badge on your site and you’ll be entered into the next next next next months draw! :D

and also the very time you joined this competition/giveaway you’ll get 15% discount in the store!

plus, they shipped internationally so the winner can be anyone anywhere! And you can pick whichever is your pair of ugg boots, they look so warm, aren’t they? Plus they’re available in so many colors and some different types.

uk-P102-CS-Violetb uk-P101-CT-Pink-3-big uk-P101-CT-Sand-2-big uk-P102-CS-Chestnut-2-big


it’s really very easy. Just go here, and follow the instruction of how to put the badge on your site.

I’d be really thankful if you tell your friends about this half giveaway so they can see this post and click on the link.

and I think once I got 40 people joining, I’ll host my own giveaway! Yay!

and talking about giveaway, Nikolett is also having a giveaway to celebrate her 50th post, check it out! ;D

I had a nice day!

Posted in giveaway, moments in life by littletiara on August 27, 2009

I won this scarf from Tina {Luphia loves…} months ago, and well… you know how many times I’ve complained about how lame Indonesian postal service is so… however, the scarf was finally arrived today!


It’s so lovely! black and white with hearts print. I’m sure I can use it to any kind of occasion, and since today I was having a dinner with my friends, I of course had to show it off! Haha! =d

And I was just amazed of how creative I can be when I’m using something I love, lol.

Photo 306 look. I won this! Aha aha! :D

Photo 297Photo 298 the pictures were taken before I took a bath, so excuse the oily faces and lame expressions, lol. But the idea of making it a halter neck dress is kinda brilliant, haha.

Photo 317 after bath, make ups and hairdo (and a little touch of photoshop, of course, lol). Do I look different? At least I had my blush on in this pic. =d (I think I look like a meanie here)

Photo 332Photo 333Photo 334they were having fun by themselves while me and Nanette were cooking, so of course I had to interfere!

later on, I called Nanette to get out of the kitchen for a while, voila!

Photo 339 copybest picture of all, here come little miss sunshine!
left to right: Rian, Tiara, Nanette, Aline.

Today is just sooo perfect! Yes, I had the photo shoot (or maybe you can consider these pictures a photo shoot?) Will upload them soon –but the pictures are all in Nanette’s house! Grrh.

Whatever, I’m happy today, and just to show you how happy I am, here goes the picture as an authentic proof.

Photo 319

actually I and Aline was trying to make a flat face pose, failed, of course, lol. Aline was rolling on the floor laughing literally, well… you can see it in the mirror if you don’t believe me.

p.s it was Nanette’s room, the dinner was in her house, so the messy room is all hers! (right, mine is even messier, lol)

Kym’s epic giveaway!

Posted in giveaway by littletiara on August 9, 2009

You guys should know how much I envy my every blogger friend who hosts giveaways, I’ve always wanted to do one but =S let’s just say I can’t trust Indonesian postal service too much right now, maybe later.

Kym the master of Engrish is one of my favorite blogger friend and recently she does host a giveaway too! (is she trying to make me all jealous since I’m not mastering engrish yet? *bawls) The prizes are so tempting for she is sponsored by so many talented blogger friends slash artists (including Kym herself, lol)! I can’t help myself from joining :d Some of the sponsors have my wish list items seriously.

For more information on how to win the prizes, go to her blog here and make sure you join the fun!

To tempt you more, here are the sponsors:

herrohachilink motojewelrylinkglamsparklepoplink rinaspiggiesekikawaiilink tinicharmslink-1dsklink

tempting much? Oh they are! :d

PS: Milo didn’t leave a comment in the previous post, maybe he’s too shy, it’s okay.*le sigh lol :P