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see you there

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I’m moving back to blogger, just in case you haven’t noticed that it’s been long since the last time I posted something here, so catch me again at my old blog *lol*

So, see ya!


Wordless (Kind Of)

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creepy. but sexy.

creepy. but sexy.

I’m here, alive and well

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I’ll be able to blog normally in a few days time, yay! :D

i still don’t know when will i come back, but it’ll be around the weekend. Haha, you guys should prepare a homecoming party for me, lol.

This morning I woke up with a realization that none of my goals have I achieved. I planned to get graduated this february, but what’s happening? Damnit, I’m stuck. But no worries, I’m determined. So you don’t need to worry about me in this part, hehe.

I have lots of things to do in my list, like finishing the thesis and celebrating my birthday next month. Hoho! Prepare your gifts girls! Lol.

What else to say? Haha, i just miss you all too much i can’t help but blog :p

Evil prof. I don’t care. Blee.

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So I found out that my friends, all of them, got either D or E. Now, that’s crazy! I mean, how can one be so evil? The whole class for goodness sake!

And luckily, this class was optional. I’m sure none of us would retake this class.

But thank you anyway for all your kind words. They lifted me up when I was at worst. :D to know that someone cares about you is.. Uplifting :)

and Caro, lol! L’examen n’était pas en français!! Mais c’est un bon idée, j’ai besoin de ton aider, beaucoup.

There’ll always be the first time

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I just got my first D


Not that I’m a straight A student, but in all honesty, before this my worst was a C. But now i have one C and one D.

Dear profs, you two, really hate me that much, huh?

Okay, that’s all. Thank you

I found eyecandies already!

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So it’s only been three days i’m here, but guess what? I’ve found eyecandies already! Not only one, but two!

Yes, I’m THAT good on finding eyecandies.

Do not congratulate me yet, because well they are kind of out of reach.

Eyecandy #1 is too old for me. I don’t really know how old, but he is the uncle of the owner of my guest house, and the owner has two sons already, imagine his uncle? I bet he has at least six grandchildren, or more.

But he is really goodlooking, and a real hardworker too.. Ah, crushie..

Eyecandy #2 is the son of my guest house owner, so we practically living under same roof, hehe.. Sounds good?

But he is four years younger than me, a handsome highschool guy, haha.. Bet he has the cheerleaders swooning over him. A tall, goodlooking rich kind guy, ta-da!

It’s a good thing he’s way younger than me, or else those cheerleaders have to do some fierce catfights with me.


Laugh all you want, at least I have some refreshing stuffs to look at here :P

Oh, and everything is going really well here, my team mates are cooperative and we have some fun programs I’m looking forward to do! Yay!

Guess what?

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Guess what?

I’m at the village right now and am actually blogging. Yes dears, I won’t disappear just like that.

The place is actually better than I imagined, hehe.. There’s actually water, electricity and well handphone signal + GPRS

I can’t really speak in their language, though (they use traditional javanese), but I understand what they say. Honestly I feel kind of stupid to only able to answer in yes, no and thank you.

Haha.. but I’ll learn.. Really.

And the place is quite adventurous, hehe we went through forests and hills, oh well, but this seems like a good start :)

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I love reading poem, I have to say, short ones, and the ones about love (great, I’m a total romance sucker). My favorite would be Baudelaire with his desperately dark poems and Khalil gibran, his words are just so strong, (and it’s kind of wonderful how I can read and enjoy their long poems) and there’s Sapardi Djoko Damono from Indonesia which poem, from the very first time I read it, had successfully made me smitten. This poem, is actually quite famous, at least amongst Indonesians.


Aku Ingin

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan kata yang tak sempat diucapkan
kayu kepada api yang menjadikannya abu

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan isyarat yang tak sempat disampaikan
awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada

I know, I know… don’t worry girls, I’ve found the English translation, lol

I want

I want to love you simply
In words not spoken;
Tinder to the flame which transforms it to ash

I want to love you simply
In signs not expressed;
Clouds to the rain which make them evanesce

[Sapardi Djoko Damono]

isn’t it beautiful? I am always amazed at the words they (the poets) choose to make it something so deep and meaningful.

p.s. Anyone other than me notice my posts lately are… kind of too sentimental? lol. I think I need to have a love-related daily blog. hmm…

don’t forget to join the competition!


Tiara Loves Indonesia

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I love how these ads successfully show the true beauty of Indonesia. Made by Gudang garam, a huge cigarette company.

A short update, I’m hyper! SUGAR!

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My daddy bought me the oh so wanted Wacom Bamboo small today! So pardon me for being away, have a new shiny toy :P

Me and my friends are still on the way of planning about backpacking to Bali, how FUN is that sounds? I am totally looking forward to it! Going to Bali is one thing, backpacking with my friends is another thing! YAY!

And the best friend (remember him?) said that he might join *prays hard

I shopped with my brother yesterday, that was fun, haha!

the upcoming post, I’ll talk about: one hope project, remind me of it, please :D

now, I’m off to have some more fun with the new and shiny and … whatever, WACOM BAMBOO FUN!