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Hot guys time

Posted in girl talk, words of the brain by littletiara on March 27, 2010
To release myself from the stress I am suffering, I decided to go around (as if I hadn’t do it too much already), so in this post, I won’t talk about any thesis related stuff (oh, yeah right, I just did).
Some may notice that I don’t talk much about celebrities, well… honestly because I don’t know much about them. Sure I watch a TV series or two (like HEROES) and fangirling over the eye candies (like Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto) but so far those were all in this blog.
So today I think I should share you one more of my favorite boys (despite the few), oh, Imma give you two because I love them more when they are together. Guess who?
This is the part where people start screaming so scream girls!



How can I not fall for him? He’s hot, talented… oh my, it’s beyond my words to explain him.
What can I ask for more? Oh sure thing…
It’s gonna be Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
I LOVE this duo.

tumblr_kyvc2hXXVn1qae5zjo1_250 (1)

tumblr_kyxn3jpcaX1qbpr6oo1_400 Alice in Wonderland ultimate fan event Hollywood tumblr_kyazpsVfcT1qae5zjo1_400

I love each and every one of Burton’s movies, for someone who never really pays for a movie ticket I do quite amazing when it comes to his film, and I love the fact that he’s teaming up with Depp. LOVELY! Hahaha… And of all their collab, I gotta say Willy Wonka is my all time favorite. WINNER!


PS. I LOVE Burton’s messy hair. lol.

picture credits: fuckyeahjohnnydepp


Do the Doodle

Posted in creaking creativity, words of the brain by littletiara on March 19, 2010

I’m here to show off! lol.

I found this old doodles, I remember I made it when I came to campus way too early for my class, but I was bored at home, apparently bored at campus too, so I did the doodling.

I love doodling, it release the stress, or the boredom.

img00small1there’s one kind of ‘out of place’ cat, lol, so I deleted it, and colored the rest.

img001 copysmall

Looking at this always makes me confused, it feels like I have no specific style *sigh*, you can see how different it is from my previous artworks, like these ones…

sleeptight   hotairballoon

and when people ask me to draw and paint using hands, it’ll turn out even more different. I found this first attempt on using water color (which I’m never good at).

img002small   img04small

And today, I found my old oil paint, I never know how to properly use it, so I just put some on my finger and smear it on the paper, lol.

imgs001total first-timer. 

I think I made a punk-ish fairy with red hair, she finally came back to the forest after tanning at the beach during summer. lol, look how tanned she is! (I couldn’t find the yellow/cream paint, that explains it, lol).

I think I’m an artist without direction :|

Growing Up

Posted in girl talk, moments in life, the best friend, words of the brain by littletiara on February 24, 2010

I just got myself a new haircut yesterday and took a picture of it using my webcam, and so when I opened the folder, I found the pictures of me these last three years. I couldn’t believe those pictures were taken in three years gap. I am changing, but not really. lol.


Do you see me changing from time to time?

I remember one day my friend came to my house and saw my baby albums, and she said, “how come your face never changes from baby up to now?” lol. She was of course hype things up, I mean, that’s not possible, right? lol.

Anyway, notice that in the pictures my hair is always short? This year I started off aiming to have at least a slightly longer hair, just because I want to know how do I look, and this is the latest picture of me with my hair and new bangs :P


Not bad, I hope. Heheh.

And by the way, growing up isn’t about facial change, right?

This is kind of different and scary to type about but I think I’ve found a… someone new? Well or so I hope.

Why scary to write you ask? Oh isn’t it always scary? Writing about someone you like/love/whatever, admit it, you want them to read it but you’re also afraid if they do really read it, lol.

Anyways, yes. I have found a new object of my affection. The last time I went out with the best friend, all feelings were different. It was still enjoyable and fun, and my heart, oh my dear heart still went boom boom when I saw him from afar, but there was a huge difference I felt I couldn’t fathom what.

And that time, I was sure we were back to be best friends.

The new guy? He had successfully swept me off my feet. Crazy… but ah, whenever I’m in love I’m always crazy, so… ah well… this one is just different.

And I think I’ll just talk about him in the next next next post.

So it’s official

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In few minutes, I’ll be off to sleep.

Hours after that, I’ll wake up, take a bath, and go to uni

Then the research/project will start.



I’m feeling soooo much better now :) thanks to your comments, heaps of sugar and some cute new songs, ah… I’ve prepared myself now. I’ve even asked my friend to bring as many entertainment as possible. And he answered, “no worries, I have 20 films ready to watch in my laptop”, that is my friend! Hahaha…

Only one thing missing, though. CAMERA! My mom is going to use mine so she snatched it away from me –and because I’ll be away for a month, apparently my mom is a cam whore, I am nothing compared to her, really. And my friend’s was kidnapped by his brother, and so we left with no camera.

That won’t do, though. I’ve borrowed from my friend.

There is no way I can spend a month without camera to memorize everything that happened.

And by the way, I’m feeling quite productive today, I finished reading some “stories” for my thesis and also managed to make the February wallpaper. To answer Sarah’s question, yes, I’ll make them monthly, and because I won’t be able to post it by February, I’m doing it now, hehe.

Here comes the February wallpaper made out of the (up to now) your most favorite artwork :)


Well I know I’ve been showing the same artworks over and over again, but I promise later on you’ll see some more new ones, haha… it’s just that I used my favorites in the first months… hehe… :d and of course February has to be all pink and dreamy! Right?

No, not really. lol.

and in a whole different notes:

I hope you all have watched UP! The best Disney-pixar movie to my opinion, ended with a very unique happily ever after and dreams come true, a touching, sweet, romantic, you name it, film. Which actually brought me to tears (uh-oh), it’s quite an old film after all, but hey, that’s not what I’m gonna talk about, I found this picture few days ago.

Cuteness overload!


insecurities and happiness

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Ah. I have like heaps to say, from my insecurities to happiness to wild imagination to confession, but I know clearly I can’t really write about ‘em all in one post. So I’ll choose to talk about the first two.



Being a big daydreamer as I am, the biggest fear I have is for not having my dreams come true. You know how hopelessly romantic I am, how excited I can be talking about marriage and relationships, how I am a truly believer of happy endings.

There’s one very bad thing, though. When I’m not in the right mood, I tend to think of the worst possibility; what if all those only dreams that would never come true? What if I stay single forever? What if I can’t get my own happy ending?

I can never stop daydreaming, though. I just feel that sometimes it’s unhealthy.

In a whole different notes, I’m so happy that people seem to like my artwork, so glad to see the enthusiasm! I can’t open any store yet for I have this upcoming culture project where I have to leave you all, but as soon as the project finished, I’m determined, by then I’ll have my thesis (at least) started and discussed with my professor and a shop will be on the way.

And by the way, I managed to make a desktop wallpaper out of my artwork, so you can use it (oh well, as if you would, lol) they’re available in four different sizes, choose yours, lol.

the original artwork is this one:
red copy




1280*800 (wide screen)

I hope you like them :)

One thing though, I still don’t know how much should I sell my artworks for? lol. Really, selling things is my specialty, but deciding the price? Uh-oh *scratches head*.

So tell me, how much would you pay for a calendar set sized A6 (about 15×10,5 cm)? It’s small I know, but I love small things, I still need to learn to make something bigger, haha, I think I’m too consistent for the word “little” haha.

Just give me a clue of a reasonable prize range, it’s not like I’m Picasso whatsoever, lol. Thank you so much for the help, in advance :)

Of your soul and its mate

Posted in girl talk, the best friend, words of the brain by littletiara on January 8, 2010

I just listened to the recorded conversation (again), but this time I decided to listen to the full version (yes, the full 2 hours or so version), somewhere in the conversation; we talked about soulmate.

I didn’t (or rather, couldn’t) really pay attention to what he said about it (for my heart was beating too fast and all), still… now when I listen to it again, I still can’t fully grasp it. As a hardcore fan of anything romantic, the concept of soulmate is still kind of too absurd to me, sure thing I’d love to believe that everyone was meant to be with their special someone, who no matter they go they’ll end up with the soulmate anyway.

But how can we know that the one we ended with is our soulmate? What if somewhere along the road we gave up the relationship?

In the middle of this conversation about soulmate he stated that he wants to write a book about it, about love and soulmate, and knowing his poor ability to write and/or to express his thoughts in words, he asked me to help him. Now, that’s a nice future project, a book about love and soulmate? :)

No, not a story about love and soulmate, but more about its concept and thoughts about it so I might as well start the observation now, do you believe in soulmate?

ps. I texted him the other night and now after I let him know all my feelings towards him, everything seems and feels different, it gives me a funny feeling inside me, I couldn’t even try not to write ‘lol‘ or ‘haha‘ in my every message. This is fun. Haha.

pps. Sorry for keep talking about this very occasion *sigh* I would stop if I could, but I think my brain is still left there, I’ll get it back soon, really. (or not really). Hehe.

When it rains

Posted in creaking creativity, moments in life, the best friend, words of the brain by littletiara on December 28, 2009

I’ve always loved it when it rains, it gives me a calm sensation, makes me want to sleep (lol) and perfect for any romantic occasion, thoughts and daydreams. Listening to romantic song when it rains is one of my favorite things to do, along with… well… sleeping.

I didn’t like the rain that fell yesterday, though. Remember I was planned to meet the best friend and supposed to tell him? Rain fell soooo heavily and I just couldn’t get out of my house, nor my dad would allow me to do so. We did went to the VW jamboree though, but it’s a different story. So I just sulked inside my room, trying to make some creative artworks, which surprisingly happened.

Don’t worry, I’m determined this time, so I’ll surely tell him. Probably after the new year. Sounds like a good plan, starting a new year with a broken heart, lol.

Another talk today, not so fun one; my mom entered my room (which is actually rarely happened) and asked me what I would be when I’m graduated. This question depresses me…

(one) I haven’t even done with my thesis, and to think about the final exam and all :( and my friend just texted me he will do his final tomorrow. FREAKING TOMORROW!

(two) I still don’t know, honestly, what I will work as, I don’t even want to think about it, but I have to, I guess. I thought of my online bookstore but I’m finding myself unsure about it, and selling my artwork? I still have to gain more confidence and financial bases, I don’t know what I’m gonna be and it scares me!

On a lighter note, anyone noticed the banner look a lot like my profile picture? Here’s the comparison:

My banner/header:

Untitled-7 (2)
My profile picture:

LOL. I swear I didn’t do it intentionally! I just realized it today! Meheheheh… kind of cool :d now I only need to make my header pic pout her lips, lol. I think I was concentrating about something in the computer in that photo, why do I always have to pout when I’m thinking? Gah, unattractive.

My favorites

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Jessica Leigh again gave me an award, this time it’s a “You’re a Gem” award.


The rules is to name seven things I love, get ready because I have a feeling this is gonna be a long long post, prepare your cup of coffee (or tea, or coke, whatever) and snacks ;)

A. Art

Of course I love art, and to say that I am a greedy girl towards art is an understatement, I yearn for them all, especially visual art. I am one easily inspired girl, every time I visit etsy, I got inspired. I don’t want to buy them, I want to know how to make them. Here goes some of my favorite illustrator.

1. Dionne

This one sweet blogger friend of mine does a very adorable illustration. I love how her artworks are sweet and delicate, maybe affected by her love towards desserts?

Balloon Peacock

When I found her blog and saw her artwork I wanted to learn how to draw using Tablet, so a few weeks after that, I bought myself a wacom bamboo fun. We have different styles, though- of course. Mine can never be so detailed like hers. Later on when she opened her etsy store I had to try my best not to buy all her stuffs, lol. Or else I’d ended up being a poor little girl surrounded with pretty pictures from Dionne. Haha.

2. Amy Sol

She’s one very talented artist I found few days ago through weheartit, her artworks have this serene and dreamy feeling all over, I love them!

20090719062431 20090719053126

See how soft the color is? And how pretty the girls are, and just how strong the dreamy effect it brings. Ahh… pretty suffs.

3. Lauren Alexander

I found her etsy first, and fell for all her works, they are cute and vibrant and lively and colorful, just the way I like it!


I know you all agree that her works are one of the cutest you’ve ever seen. She’s a water color painter, and I was like “Shoot! Of all things, why must it be water color?”. I know how to draw using pastels, crayon, spidols, wacom, and all… but my water color artworks are the worst. Nonetheless, my curiosity won, I bought a set of water color today, and to say that my artwork is good isn’t a right work, but at least it satisfied me, and it makes me want to learn more :)

4. Nancy Zhang

My friend, Nanette is her fan on lookbook, she showed me her page and I instantly fell for her, not only she has a cute style, she draws herself in her outfit for crying out loud! D:

magician small peachblossom copy

But I know I can’t follow her path, our style is just too different, so I’ll just keep on adoring her from afar, hahaha. I sounded like a girl talking about her crush xD

B. Panda


I’ve said it many times, I believe, that I want to own a Panda bear, lol. Just look at how cute they are in pictures.

a lonesome little panda deep in thoughts

tumblr_kt84orLO261qzrna8o1_500_largehaving fun all by himself ;)

and of course, the infamous panda pose…

20081204055010 xD (I feel guilty laughing over this but it’s just TOO FUNNY!)

C. Necklaces

1. Miniature

I love mini sized things, especially when they’re then become a necklace, lol. Like this cute Red Abascus Necklace or this camera – silver plate pendant

il_430xN.108562099 il_430xN.110128443

2. Round/circle

I have special interest towards the shape round, maybe because they say not to put your love in heart for heart can be broken but put it in a circle that it’s never end? I fell instantly for this necklace

il_430xN.109727201 il_430xN.109728321

3. Initial T

Just to show you how much in love I am with myself, I can never get enough of this letter T as my intial :P

il_430xN.95322428 il_430xN.109342120

letterpress necklace, Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant Necklace

D. My family and friends


Isn’t it obvious that everyone loves their friends? I mean, I can never imagine living with nobody around you to share story to, to be a shoulder to cry on, or just to go doing some stupid stuff with.

I don’t think I should blabber about how much I love you all dear blogger friends, right? I’ve said it many times and I don’t want it to lose its charm ;) you know I love you.

E. Tech stuffs

I won’t deny it, I’m a sucker for anything high tech, I am always tempted to buy the newest series of cellphone and or anthing high tech in particular. lol. These are some things I want to buy at this moment:


fuji Instax mini 7s white

this instant camera is just too cute to resist, and everyone should’ve known that I am such a sucker for anything cute, and it’s available in white color too! I am always curious at how fun instant pictures slash Polaroid can be, aaah the temptation!



Well, I know I have my vaio already but I just can’t get enough. I always want new things, and this huge screened iMac seems so… (again) tempting.

167964-vaio_netbook_01_slidevaio netbook P series

Ah my Goodness! This is what we call greed! I already have my vaio laptop but then I saw this vaio netbook and I want it too! It’s cute, and small, and light, and is available in many colors, I prefer the white one, though.

F. Myself

And to show you how I love myself, I’ll write a letter, inspired by Nikolett’s post here. Little letters to each part of my body.

Dear brain,

Please don’t listen to heart too often, my heart is an idiot lately. And please, do well in the exam I beg you.

Dear Hair,

Can you please stop falling down? I’ll be bald in no time if you keep doing it, and I wouldn’t be pretty bald.

Dear mouth,

I love your frankness, wittiness, and honesty, keep it going. I love you <3

Dear nose,

Just don’t stop breathing, yet. Hehe…

Dear neck,

I love how long you are, I do love you.

Dear chest,

Please do grow up more, I’m twenty for heaven’s sake and your size is like those twelve years old girls’, *sigh. But it’s okay, those models have theirs small after all, and most importantly, I love you anyway-any way :)

Dear hands,

I love you, keep writing, drawing, and pinching people around us! Haha… long live Tiara’s hands! *claps*

Dear tummy,

You’re perfectly shaped, I love you. Mwahaha.

Dear butts,

I know I don’t look like I care much about you, it’s because it’s a little bit harder looking at you, lol. I have to twist my body and all, but I hope you know I do love you too.

Dear legs,

I know you’re not perfectly shaped and long like all those supermodels’, but thank you for always keep me standing :) (okay, not always standing but… you know what I mean, right?)

Dear heart,

Please, just make up your mind. Yes or No, to be or not to be that’s the question, what took you so long picking the answer? tsk.

Okay, I know the rule said to list seven things I love but I think I just cheated, haha… and I tag all my reader to do this, because yes dear, you are as precious as Gem :)

and you know what? This is my 100th post! FINALLY! Hahaha… :D

When I’m stronger

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I have this hobby to read online stories, and once upon a day I found a story titled “My best friend’s lover”, in the end of the story, the author gave us this little letter. which I found touching, as touching as a letter can be, maybe because I can really relate to it.


Someday, I want to be able to write this letter and send it to whoever wins the best friend’s heart in the end.

Hello (insert a girl name here),

I can see lately you & my best bud are having a great time together. In fact, my special friend has forgotten to call me or just to say hi and hellos because my special friend has you now. No big deal, I’m prepared, I expected that this would happen. That one day I’ll lose my special friend along the way.

I just want to tell you that my special friend is the kind who seems to be so tough on the outside, yet with a soft heart inside. When something bothers my special friend, my special friend won’t tell it to you directly. Instead, you have to be sensitive enough to feel the doubts and insecurities and everything my special friend hides within. A little encouraging talk would be nice, but my special friend would surely appreciate it when you’ll do the listener’s part and share your comments occasionally.

My special friend may not be so showy when jealous or when has “tampo” but you should understand it. You shouldn’t do things that might hurt my special friend feelings ‘coz I’ll be the first one to feel the pain. My special friend let you feel the love in little ways and you should appreciate it as a lover because I know my special friend love you so much. My special friend likes everything to be simple, so he does things in a very modest way but it all flows out from his heart that’s why it always turns out to be special.

Some of my special friend’s ideas may seem weird but there’s a saying that goes, “when you love someone, you should accept his totality.” If you can’t stand my special friend anymore, just tell my special friend to call me, I’d be happy to listen to my special friend’s ideas.

I need not to explain to you why I’m doing this, I hope sure you know why. If you only knew that I love my special friend so much. Not that I blame you, my special friend’s really a catch. I just hope that now that you have my special friend in your life, you will not take my special friend for granted nor try to hurt my special friend’s feelings. Please make it feel that you value my special friend so much. Make yourself available whenever my special friend needs someone to talk to. I know you wouldn’t do things that would hurt my special friend but in case you do, if you hurt my special friend’s feelings, please tell my special friend you’re sorry. Don’t let your conversations end with hate and anger.

I love my special friend so much. When my special friend excitedly told me that the two of you were already comfortable with each other, I decided to stay away from my special friend ‘coz I know my special friend has to focus more on you. You shouldn’t worry anymore about my presence ‘coz I have decided to give way.

Please bestow my special friend with all the love that you can give, because my special friend deserves that. That’s all I can ask.

Yours truly

That, when I finally get to let him go.

p.s. and no, that wasn’t me who created the letter, I don’t know who is, I found it online via a story. If it’s you, do tell me so I can credit you.

p.p.s. OH NO! I’ve turned this post out to be an extremely desperate sounded one, tsk.

This post sucks.

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I think I have to warn you, this post will be a sucky one as I’ll tell you how sucked my recent life is. I need to runaway.

ONE. The life at the village isn’t as fun as I thought it would be, despite the whole lot (almost everyday) cam-whoring photo session, jokes and all, I was bored to death, not to mention some conflicts between us every now and then.

What makes it worse is that I have no intention to change it. I’ll keep being the spoiled brat whining about internet-less days and too hot sun and the lack of handsome face and all. And I believe if I keep acting like this spoiled little princess, I’ll add my name to the conflict area, I’ve had enough confusion already, so please dear self, stop being annoying.

The only thing that makes me stay is the fact that I have to. damn it.

TWO. My school life, isn’t all that great either, although I have classes only in Monday and Friday, both classes are stressing with all the homework and papers. Ever heard the word ‘I hate Mondays” I can’t help but agree to the creator.

THREE. I am in need of love, I haven’t met the best friend for almost two weeks thanks to the village duty, I barely have time for myself, and whenever I’ m free, the best friend is not. I need to get over him, I did, I think. But now, it’s a crisis, I need to feel some love and he’s the only one I have in mind, as I haven’t found a new object for my affection yet. Gosh, this couldn’t be any more torturing, right?


FOUR. I don’t know what is it, I just know that something wrong’s going to be added to this list pretty soon.

And I forgot to mention that I have to work on my thesis too. Makes it the fourth, to add salt on to the scar, I am inspiration-less, of course, how can such negative state give me an inspiration?

It all, however, started with the messy life I have to live in the village. Damn, how long  two f*ckin months can be?

Or maybe I’m just missing the best friend too much.

Or maybe, it’s all just simply because of… PMS. Eww.